My first weekend of Crankpunk training – 140km, 1700m elevation, 6.5 hours moving time, one Black Mountain, and eight laps of the Arboretum – ridden under perfectly clear, windless skies and temperatures -2 deg C to 11 deg C. I’m lucky the weather was so beautiful – it would have been hard to keep motivated through rain, hail or wind. Anyway, I feel like this has been a positive start. I’ll be increasing effort as there’s a lot of work ahead to reach my goal: to complete the Gold Coast Peaks Challenge.



  • Breakfast: oats, chia seeds, grapes, protein powder (Rich Roll), cinnamon, mixed frozen berries, maple syrup, water
  • Lunch: one burrito (Zambreros); one custard apple; two mandarins
  • Dinner: one baked sweet potato; two baked potatoes; 12 boiled chestnuts
  • Other: three rice cakes (during bike ride); three more mandarins, juice of 3 oranges, one pack of seaweed, two B12 tablets, and a spoonful of peanut butter before bed.


  • 4 hours 15 minutes on the bike; including home to work; around Lake Burley Griffin bike path; eight laps of the Arboretum (alternating laps of easiest gear then second easiest gear); back to work; to uni for volleyball and back home.
  • Volleyball training (two hours).