My left ankle is swollen and in pain from last night’s volleyball game, when a teammate and I jumped for a ball and landed badly – he came down on my ankle. I kept on playing because my ankle felt okay, but it felt very sore when I woke this morning.

Lucky for me, Crankpunk’s training plan prescribed a rest / easy peasy day today.

Back into it tomorrow…



  • Breakfast: oats, chia seeds, grapes, protein powder (Rich Roll), cinnamon, mixed frozen berries, water, milled linseed
  • Lunch: mixed rice (white rice, brown rice, black rice, black bean, Chinese cabbage, Chinese red date), baked sweet potato, seaweed, one custard apple, one mandarin.
  • Dinner: wheat noodles, onion, green onion, cauliflower, seaweed, chilli oil, Korean rice cake, Korean fish cake, Korean chilli paste (gochujang), carrot.
  • Other: one pack of seaweed, two B12 tablets, and a spoonful of peanut butter before bed.


  • Car needed servicing; I declined the courtesy car and rode from the mechanic shop to work. Clipping in and out felt painful with my swollen ankle, so I rode most the way with only the right foot clipped in. Strava data here.