Here are the five peaks that I’ll be climbing at the Gold Coast Peaks Challenge:

Vertical Climb Distance Avg Gradient Median Time
Peak 1 Tamborine 492m 7.6km 6.5% 44m 19s
Peak 2 Beechmont 428m 7.2km 5.8% 33m 15s
Peak 3 Springbrook 381m 7.7km 4.8% 28m 40s
Peak 4 Natural Bridge 229m 5.3km 4.2% 21m 43s
Peak 5 Tomewin 366m 4.4km 7.9% 21m 04s
Total 1896m 32.2km


  • I need to research which of Canberra’s climbs, if any, have similar stats.
  • With the five peaks totalling around 32km and 1,900m elevation, the remainder of GCP is around 200km and 2,100m elevation, or roughly 10m elevation for every 1km.
  • The overall stats for Peak 1 – Tamborine conceal some difficult segments of that climb where apparently the gradient tops out at 18%.



  • Breakfast: oats, chia seeds, protein powder (Rich Roll), soy milk, grapes, milled linseed.
  • Lunch: Gus Cafe focaccia (pesto, capsicum, pumpkin, tomato, rocket) and salad (greens and oil oil oil oil oil)
  • Dinner: Korean noodles with chilli sauce; Chinese broccoli with soy sauce, vinegar and chilli sauce; mixed vegetables (cauliflower, ginger) and cloud ear fungus
  • Other: six mandarins, around 800g of black grapes, and two B12 tablets.


  • RED ride on Crankpunk’s plan, around Eastern Loop. Efforts differed by time and PRE (30 sec PRE 10 intervals / 6 minutes PRE 7.5 / 10 mins full gas / 8 minutes PRE 8 with some sprints) Strava data here.