Today was my first 16km time trial under the Crankpunk PowerUP training plan.


  • There are many more interruptions and hazards on a bike path (other cyclists, runners, prams, and pets) than the road (cars and bikes mainly), which makes the road more appropriate for a time trial, but I feel safer on the path and will stick with it.
  • I’m not travelling that fast (31km/h). I could improve a significant amount, say 10-20% (34-37km/h), before needing to find another time trial route due to safety reasons.
  • Two things to improve. Firstly, I need to improve pacing – the beginning few kilometres were too comfortable. I tried to make up time by going as hard as possible in the last few kilometres.
  • Secondly, I need to focus on cadence more, and maintain a cadence of 90+ rpm. If the road is uphill and I feel my cadence dropping, I should switch down a gear or two. If the road is downhill, or if I feel my cadence is increasing without effort, I should switch up a gear or two.
  • Next time trial will be a definite improvement – a mixture of stronger cardio and better strategy.

Data is below and here on Strava.

Date Time Speed
28-05-2015 30m 55s 31.1km/h

BM to TD TT 01



  • Breakfast: oats, chia seeds, protein powder (Rich Roll), almond milk, grapes, cranberries, milled linseed.
  • Lunch: chickpea, corn kernels, capers, mustard, black pepper, lemon juice, sweet potato, pumpkin, curry powder, cumin powder, seaweed flakes.
  • Dinner: mixed rice (white rice, brown rice, black rice, black bean with green kernel, dried jujube, peanut); mushroom (garlic, Italian herbs, black pepper); mixed vegetables (cauliflower, onion) with cloud ear fungus, soy sauce, black vinegar.
  • Other: three mandarins, 1.3kg watermelon, two cups of black tea, slice of toast with peanut butter and maple syrup, and two B12 tablets.


  • From Industry House to Black Mountain Peninsula for a 16km time trial. Strava data here.