Other bloggers have chronicled their training journey for a Peaks Challenge like I am doing now. Here are the main points I picked up from 11th place finisher (2013) of the Falls Creek (Victoria) Peaks Challenge, ‘Endless Revolutions‘:

  • “mixture of hill repeats, such as the 1:20 (6.3km, 4% grade in Victoria), and a number of long, relatively flat rides where I focussed on maintaining a higher average speed”
  • “at 190cm, 78kg, I cut down to 70kg using Energy In < Energy Used = Weight Loss”
  • “[for weight loss], I decided to restrict my diet to foods that contained less than 1000kj/100g (or 100ml) – many of my regular foods had to be substituted for wholemeal, low-fat and/or low sugar alternatives”
  • “I was forced to relax the ‘weekday vegetarian’ aspect of my diet for the sake of efficient protein intake because I was in danger of starting to lose muscle mass. The best way to get large amounts of protein without any unnecessary kilojoules is to eat super-lean meat (veal steaks and kangaroo).”

My thoughts:

  • I’m in Week 3 of the Crankpunk PowerUP plan and haven’t done much climbing so far. This should be okay – Weeks 1-4 are about building base. In Weeks 5-8, I’ll ramp up my weekday rides with Punk training + more climbing.
  • I’m losing weight on my current way of eating, but I am a little concerned about not eating enough protein – perhaps need more brown/black rice / lentils / protein powder (or occasional meat / seafood).



  • Breakfast: oats, chia seeds, protein powder (Rich Roll), almond milk, mixed frozen berries, milled linseed, water
  • Lunch: mixed rice (white rice, brown rice, black rice, black bean with green kernel, peanut, jujube), cherry tomatoes; red lentil ‘soup’ (red lentil, garlic, onion, celery, ginger, carrot, cumin powder, curry powder)
  • Dinner: mixed rice (white rice, brown rice, black rice, black bean with green kernel, dried jujube, peanut); Telegraph cucumber (with soy sauce, chilli oil); Korean chilli noodles with mixed vegetables (red capsicum, grated carrot, Telegraph cucumber, ginger, apple cider vinegar, lime juice, maple syrup)
  • Other: five mandarins, 600g of black grapes, two cups of black tea and two B12 tablets.