In regards to on-ride nutrition, so far I’ve just been guessing and going by feel.

For example, during today’s 5 1/2 hour ride, I ate five medjool dates, two Carman’s bars and one Winners Gel. I ate when I felt like eating; there was no method or strategy.

It equated to about 25g of carbs per hour which is far below what’s suggested in my previous research of ‘up to 90g of carbs per hour’.

I felt strong and comfortable for the majority of the ride, but by kilometre 80 or so, when I began the last two arduous laps of Mt Stromlo, I felt tired, weary and weak.

Maybe some extra nutrition would have helped. I better to do some more research about this…

Some data:

per one serve Energy Carb Fat Protein Price
Carman’s Gourmet Protein Bars 800kJ 13.1 10 11.3 $     1.10
Winners Energy Gel (Berry) 495kJ 29.8 0 0 $     1.71
Medjool Date 276kJ 18 0 0 $     0.40



  • Breakfast: oats, chia seeds, protein powder (Rich Roll), almond milk, mixed frozen berries, milled linseed, water
  • Lunch: mixed rice (white rice, brown rice, black rice, black bean with green kernel, peanut, jujube, Chinese cabbage), mushroom (with italian herbs and garlic); raw capsicum, chopped coriander
  • Dinner: mixed rice (white rice, brown rice, black rice, black bean with green kernel, dried jujube, peanut, Chinese cabbage); Red Emperor fish (with black pepper and soy sauce); shiitake mushroom (oil!, soy sauce, coriander); vege soup (Chinese cabbage, tofu sticks, salt)
  • Other: 500g of red grapes, about 500g of pomelo, juice of 3 oranges and food eaten during ride (5 medjool dates, 2 Carmans bars, 1 Winners Gel).


  • 5.5 hours moving time out of 6 hours total elapsed time. I tried to keep my stoppage time down to a minimum, and I’ll continue this on the next long ride. 10 laps of Mount Stromlo, to and from Industry House. Strava data here.
    • Today’s ride covered the most elevation I’ve ever achieved in one ride. Still only about 55% of the elevation I will need to cover at the Gold Coast Peaks Challenge!
    • My average speed (including breaks) was 18.1km/h today. That is too slow to complete the GCP Challenge. More improvement required.