Nothing cycling related today except for icing my knee a few times. Hope it gets better by next week.

I enjoyed this article about longevity through diet – yes, mostly a plant-based diet – and here are some excerpts:

  • “He and the scientists interviewed hundreds of people who’d made it to age 100 about how they lived, then did a lot of number crunching to figure out what they had in common.”
  • “they’d narrowed it down to five places that met all their criteria. They gave them official Blue Zone status: Ikaria, Greece; Okinawa, Japan; Ogliastra Region, Sardinia; Loma Linda, Calif.; and Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.”
  • “…the researchers’ findings on what all the Blue Zones share when it comes to their diet:”
    • Stop eating when your stomach is 80 percent full to avoid weight gain.
    • Eat the smallest meal of the day in the late afternoon or evening.
    • Eat mostly plants, especially beans. And eat meat rarely, in small portions of 3 to 4 ounces. Blue Zoners eat portions this size just five times a month, on average.
    • Drink alcohol moderately and regularly, i.e. 1-2 glasses a day.

Compared to how I’m eating now: more alcohol, more beans, and smaller portions.



  • Breakfast: oats, chia seeds, protein powder (Rich Roll), mixed frozen berries, milled linseed, almond milk.
  • Lunch: mixed rice (white rice, brown rice, black rice, black bean with green kernel, dried jujube, peanut); sweet potato, corn kernels
  • Dinner: baked sweet potato with curry paste, mushroom (oyster and long brown), Chinese cabbage
  • Other: 500 black grapes, turmeric milk (turmeric powder, ginger, black pepper, almond milk, cinnamon powder, honey) and two B12 tablets.


  • Nothing again