Some fitness improvement is evident in today’s running performance after three weeks of Crankpunk training:

Date Distance Pace Speed Comment
6/06/2015 7.6km 5.09 / km 11.7km/h Week 4 Crankpunk
9/05/2015 8.9km 5.36 / km 10.7km/h Pre-Crankpunk
5/04/2015 8.9km 5.34 / km 10.8km/h Easter 2015

Although my goal is to complete the Gold Coast Peaks Challenge, I won’t complain that my cycling training appears to have improved my fitness elsewhere ie. my running. Back on wheels the coming Tuesday.



  • Breakfast: oats, dried inca berries, pepitas, sunflower seeds, banana, water
  • Lunch: Papparich (Malaysian food) – chicken roti with egg, onion, sambal and curry sauce, lychee soda; noodles with onion, purple cabbage, dried shrimp, oil, soy sauce.
  • Dinner: hotpot at home – tofu, Chinese cabbage, another vegetable I don’t know the English name to, cloud ear fungus, prawns, wagyu beef, pork neck (also called scotch fillet), chicken breast, radish, spaghetti, fish balls, mushroom and pork balls, beef balls, pork wonton, crab wonton, enoki mushroom, dried chilli, soy sauce, sesame oil, barramundi fillet – a lot of food! And two glasses of red wine
  • Other: two grapefruits, handful of nuts (peanut, brazil nut, pepita, almond, cashew), one avocado