With under six weeks til the main event – the Peaks Challenge Gold Coast – I’ll be increasing the effort and time I dedicate to cycling training. Commuting to and from work at a comfortable pace will be a key component in my increased effort.

This involves extra planning and consideration:

  • I commuted in this morning. My backpack of 5-7kg in weight carried breakfast, lunch, work clothes and other items. This was less than ideal:
    • I find my bike handling is compromised with a heavy load on my back – my centre of gravity changes and I have to adjust when cornering and going out of saddle.
    • The weight in my backpack was unevenly distributed to one side. Starting in Gungahlin and ending in Civic, by the time I finished my commute, I ended up with a sore lower back. I have to pack better.
  • Packing a lighter backpack will help. This means getting organised, leaving work clothes and shoes in my locker; maybe choosing a more lightweight lunchbox.
  • My front head light has a handy 300+ lumen output. However, it needs recharging after every few hours of usage. I better keep a charging cable at work. Don’t want to be commuting through Canberran winter in the dark!

So, a mini challenge for myself before the real challenge (Gold Coast Peaks): commute at least six trips a week. Time to get this done!



  • Breakfast: oats, mixed berries, dried inca berries, soy milk, milled linseed, chia seeds.
  • Lunch: tomato rice (white rice, brown rice, black rice, sesame oil, tomato paste), green peas, tofu.
  • Dinner: tomato rice ‘soup’ (white rice, brown rice, black rice, sesame oil, tomato paste, hot water), tofu, half a wombok cabbage, chilli oil, seaweed flakes.
  • Other: B12 supplement, one apple, one coffee, two mandarins, a glass of red wine.


  • All up 2 hours 52 minute at easy pace. Strava data here and here.