On any bike ride over two hours I’ll carry something to eat; on this weekend’s training rides for the Peaks Challenge Gold Coast, I’ll be eating avocado sandwich, strawberry jam and peanut sandwich, sports bar and sports gel.

Had a comfortable rest day of the bike today. Back into it tomorrow.


  • Breakfast: cereal (oats, mixed frozen berries, dried inca berries, chia seeds, milled linseed, soy milk, pepitas)
  • Lunch: burrito bowl from Beach Burrito ($16.95 – that’s one expensive burrito!)
  • Dinner: wheat noodles with half a wombok cabbage, soy sauce, chili oil.
  • Other: one apple, B12 supplement, two soy mochas, some pepitas and inca berries, one glass of red wine.


  • Rest day