I’m three quarters the way through a Crankpunk training plan, which I’m following to help me prepare for the Peaks Challenge Gold Coast, a 235km, 4,000+m elevation endurance bicycle ride event on August 8 2015.


  • A comparatively easier week compared to the ones previous. Rain has put a spanner in the works. Twice this week I’ve woken up at 5.30am ready for a ride, but then majorly put off by the wet conditions outside – cold, wet, windy, slick roads, and overall miserable! For the next few weeks, whenever there is rain, I’ll stick to the gym bike. Not as ideal, but I need to get my training in.
  • Weight seems to have stabilised around 78kg in the past few weeks. Either my calorie intake needs to drop or my calorie expenditure needs to increase. I’ll do a bit of both. For lower calorie intake, I’ll eat less grains and starches and more vegetables. That is, I’ll eat foods that are calorically less dense, however as always, eat til satiated.
  • Motivation remains strong. I’m enjoying the discipline of sticking to a training plan.
Distance Time Elevation
Week 1 280.1km 13h 22m 3210m
Week 2 260.5km 11h 52m 3069m
Week 3 268.2km 12h 16m 3399m
Week 4 0km 0h 0m 0m
Week 5 269.3km 12h 40m 3286m
Week 6 155.8km 8h 11m 2911m
Week 7 299.4km 13h 27m 3516m
Week 8 289.4km 13h 23m 3268m
Week 9 249.9km* 11h 41m* 2427m

* iPhone fail and spent 1.45 hours on the gym bike, so these numbers are (conservative) approximates.



  • Breakfast: oats, mixed berries, soy milk, milled linseed, pepitas, chia seeds, dried inca berries.
  • Lunch: Costco chickpea and spinach curry; rice (white rice, black rice); carrot, cherry tomatoes.
  • Dinner: wheat noodles with soy sauce; mixed vegetables (beetroot, carrot, oyster mushroom, seaweed flakes, carrot, sesame seeds, chilli oil)
  • Other: one panini with strawberry jam and peanut butter), acai juice, B12 supplement.


  • 1.45 hours on gym bike with a few efforts.