During tomorrow’s training ride for the Peaks Challenge Gold Coast, I’m aiming to achieve 2,500+m of vertical ascent via multiple laps of Black Mountain, the National Arboretum and maybe Mt Stromlo and Mt Pleasant.

I’ve had two light days of riding so I should be fresh and feeling strong tomorrow.

I’ve got to head to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow morning at opening time (7.30am). So instead of beginning my ride at 6am, like I have done in previous weeks, I’ll be starting a little later, maybe 9am, and riding right through to the afternoon.

Nutrition tomorrow: a big bowl of oats for breakfast. During my ride, I’ll eat every half an hour or so. I’m packing 4 half-paninis of strawberry jam and peanut butter; 4 clif bars; 6 gels (enough for 7 hours).

It’s almost 9.30pm – time to retire for the evening…



  • Breakfast: oats, chia seeds, pepitas, mixed berries, cinnamon powder, soy milk.
  • Lunch: $15 vegetable tempura from Iori (Japanese restaurant) – rice, pickles, mixed vegetable tempura (eggplant, kale, pumpkin, sweet potato), miso soup.
    • The standard of food at Iori has really dropped over the past year. My last two visits were regrettable. Today’s tempura was too oily. I had to chug down a lot of water. I’ll give Iori a third chance, otherwise it’s goodbye to its food (it has a pleasant friendly ambience, though).
  • Dinner: rice (black rice, white rice); beans (four bean mix, coconut oil, lemon, coriander, cumin powder, garlic); sweet potato, vegetable and mushroom bun (with some shrimp); cauliflower, coriander, kale (with lemon juice, black pepper, coconut oil, pepitas).
  • Other: three apples, two soy mochas, B12 (Rich Roll).


  • Half hour on indoor bike. Hard ride tomorrow.