Clif bars are my favourite sports bars so far. Though I admit, I’ve only tried Carman’s, Winners, and Clif recently.

I’m sure there are other tasty sports bars out there that I haven’t tried.

I’ve got a surplus of uneaten Clif bars from Peaks Challenge Gold Coast that I’m going to munch through… (almond chocolate fudge is my favourite).



  • Breakfast: oats (oats, pepita, protein powder, dried cranberry, soy milk).
  • Lunch: brown rice, capsicum, edamame beans, sriracha chilli sauce, coriander, toasted sesame seeds.
  • Dinner: wheat noodles, tou, coriander, chilli sauce, pack of seaweed.
  • Other: B12 supplement, 500g strawberries, one grapefruit, two oranges, $16.50 worth of mangosteen (just wanted to try it. Not worth the price! Need to to go the tropics and get proper mangosteen).


  • Nuffin’