I plan to follow the Stronglifts program for 12 weeks and learn about weight lifting on a primarily plant-based way of eating.

My first workout day will be September 1, 2015.

Here are the numbers I’ll start with:

Squat 20kg
Bench Press 20kg
Overhead Press 20kg
Bent Row 30kg
Deadlift 40kg

Let’s see how far I can progress in 12 weeks of disciplined nutrition and exercise…



  • Breakfast: oats, pepita seeds, mixed berries, almond milk, milled linseed, protein powder.
  • Lunch: two apples and one cucumber.
  • Dinner: grain salad (brown rice, brown lentils, hemp seed, sesame seed, corn, red capsicum, dried cranberries); rice noodles with mushrooms.
  • Other: one long black, 250g of strawberries, one custard apple, B12 supplement, green smoothie (spinach, apple cider vinegar, lychees, dates, water, pepita seeds, hemp seeds, protein powder)


  • None