I’m currently completing twelve weeks of weight lifting on the Stronglifts program – I’m currently in Week Three.

In a nutshell, the program alternates two workouts with at least 1-2 rest days in between.

Workout 1: squat, bench, row. Workout 2: squat, overhead press, deadlift.

The aim for each workout is to increase the weight lifted from the previous workout by 2.5kg and, without failure, complete five sets of five reps.

I had initially planned to lift today, but I did some sprints on the cycling trainer last night and am tired from that today; and also tired from today’s 5.2km run.

I’ll be lifting tomorrow morning.


  • Breakfast: bananas, oats, cranberries, hemp seeds, pepitas, protein powder, soy milk.
  • Lunch: potato, edamame beans, olives, cherry tomatoes, butter beans, nutritional yeast, mustard.
  • Dinner: vege burrito – Zambreros.
  • Other: green smoothie (spinach, chia seeds, pepitas, apple juice, protein powder, bananas, grapefruit, hemp seeds), 2 apples.


  • 5.2km run at 4.48/km
    • PRE 7/8