Indoor cycling can be really boring as there’s no beautiful hilly scenery, no interaction with other cyclists, basically no visual stimuli.

Software just for this purpose – indoor cycling training – is becoming pretty popular.

Today’s I had my first indoor cycling ride using the Zwift software.

I used my Jetblack z1 Fluidpro Trainer and cycled for about 15 minutes.

When I was training for a cycling event using the methodology (each workout with a prescribed Perceived Rate of Exertion), I focused on how I was feeling. If I had to ride at PRE 9, I would be going pretty much full gas; if I had to ride at PRE 6, I would take a more comfortable pace.

Whereas with Zwift, I’ll be staring at the Zwift interface with numbers popping up at me – wattage, speed, and distance and time between me and other cyclists. I feel it steals some of my concentration and I’m not as easily able to focus on PRE.

I’ll be doing more Zwift workouts in future, but I need to think about how I use it to my advantage.




  • Breakfast: lentils, potatoes, sesame seeds, curry powder, cumin powder, onion powder, tamari sauce, olives.
  • Lunch: rice noodles, choy sum, mushroom sauce, chilli sauce.
  • Dinner: burrito
  • Other: B12 supplement, more lentils and potatoes, some chips and an ice tea.


  • 15 minutes riding hard pace on indoor trainer