Squat – 47.5kg. 5 sets and 5 reps. Not sure about feet placement – need to research. Mine are pointed outward but some say to have feet almost parallel.

Shoulder press – 27.5kg. 5, 5, 5, 3, 3. Needed a warmup set at 17.5kg for 5 reps.

Deadlift – 60kg. Felt lazy and only completed three sets not five.



  • Breakfast: bread roll,
  • Lunch: soy mocha, vege roll
  • Dinner: noodles, tofu, cabbage
  • Other: smoothie (orange, turmeric, ginger, soy milk, maple syrup, orange juice), watermelon


  • Squat (47.5kg); Overhead press (27.5kg); deadlift (60kg)