I’m following the NMA Marathon roadmap to prepare for a marathon, and this is my daily nutrition and workout log.

Every Monday on the training guide is an easy run –

Easy – Easy miles should be exactly that. The purpose of Easy running is to build your aerobic base with only the most minimal stress on your body while you recover from the previous workout.
Most people run their Easy miles too hard. Easy pace should feel really slow. If you’re worried about running into someone you know, for fear that they’ll make fun of you, you’re probably doing Easy pace just right.

Today’s 6.3km run at 5.38 min / km pace felt faster than the ‘easy’ as described above:


Nevertheless, I feel good after today’s run. Legs aren’t tired. I’m ready for a difficult workout tomorrow – Interval A.

16-01-11 Food

  • Breakfast: watermelon, muesli
  • Lunch: rice congee (yellow lentil, jasmine rice, coriander, mushroom, carrot, soy sauce, pepper, salt) with topping of fried onion, garlic and parsely and soy sauce.
  • Dinner: carrot, cucumber, mushroom, sweet potato, parsely, curry powder, salt, soy (doesn’t look appetising at all – but tasted great).
  • Other: coffee, tea, wine, one orange, some apple and strawberry juice, handful of pepitas, handful of inca berries.