Garlic mushroom recipe from Rouxbe: shallots, mushrooms, marsala wine, garlic, chives, and salt and pepper (to taste)

This is a no oil recipe.

The ingredients must be ‘dry sauteed’, which means to apply dry and direct heat to the ingredients, moving them quickly around the pan to prevent them sticking and burning. Eventually, the ingredients will stick to the pan, and change colour and flavour. At this point, the pan needs to be deglazed with a liquid – water, stock, or for this recipe, marsala wine.


Another tip I learnt about dry sauteeing was to wait until the pan is quite hot. And to test the hotness of the pan by dropping some water into the pan. If the water forms a ‘mercury ball’ shape almost immediately after being added to the pan, then the pan is hot enough.


I’m now able to confidently apply the no oil dry sautee + deglazing techniques to my cooking.



  • Breakfast: muesli, inca berries, pepitas; and after run meal – udon, kale, mushroom, cabbage, garlic, shallots, corn
  • Lunch: dumplings (pork and chive), Chinese chives, miso paste; black bean soup (black bean, tofu, tomato paste, onion, cumin, garlic, peanut, beans)
  • Dinner: noodles, tofu, zucchini, mushroom, cabbage, garlic, shallots, corn
  • Other: smoothie (coconut water, kale, spirulina powder, frozen blueberries), ice cream, cheezels
    • I’ve been eating too much junk food. I should have stocked up on more fresh fruit. No fruit today.


  • 4.5km in total of running, up and around Mt Painter area, easy
    • Today’s workout caps off a week of 187km of cycling and only 4.5km of running. I chose to have a light week of running this week, to let me rest and recover. I’m curious what has been the effect of this rest week and I’ll find out when I get back into running workouts from tomorrow.
    • This week, I remembered how much I enjoy riding a bike. I’m going to think about how I can incorporate a bit more cycling into my training. Perhaps every fourth week is a cycling week, and on occasion, I’ll ride in the morning for fun, then do my run workout in the afternoon or evening.
    • I also want to take photos of morning nature scenes over the next few months, and the best way to do this is to ride a bike – on two wheels, I can scope out potential vantage points for taking photos quickly and efficiently.