I’ve been eating a lot of jackfruit recently… it’s sweet, tender, and absolutely delicious.

But I’ve been eating jackfruit out of a can. $3.60 AUD for about 300g worth. Super expensive and not the best quality.

One day, maybe some time this year, I’ll be in Asia and eating fresh, tropical fruit – durian, jackfruit, mangosteen, lychee, longan, rambutan, etc etc.





  • Breakfast: corn, oats, grapes, soy milk
  • Lunch: turmeric, rice (brown, white, black), Dolmio’s tomato sauce with eggplant
  • Dinner: rice (brown, white, black), Dolmio’s tomato sauce with eggplant; alfalfa sprouts; noodles from night noodle markets ($13), fish cakes ($7)
    • low-quality, salty, greasy food, 3/10
  • Other: grapes, morning tea food – biscuits, pastry; coffee


  • none