I bought 250 grams of figs today for $2.99 ($12 AUD / kg) from Supabarn Supermarket.

They were really delicious – super sweet, tender, juicy, with a strong fig flavour, so good that when I returned to the supermarket in the afternoon, they had sold out.

I couldn’t really tell if these figs were ripe when I bought them, though, they were a dark colour and the skin seemed to give in to a bit of pressure.

So I did some quick Google research and came up with the following:

  • Figs do not ripen after picking! They may soften, but they are not going to get any sweeter or riper than when they were first picked.
  • Ripe figs become soft like a peach when ripe, but they should not be mushy or fall apart.
  • They should give slightly to pressure, but they shouldn’t be extremely soft or mushy. The best ripe figs are smooth and firm, holding their shape when sliced, but tender throughout and very sweet.

Now that I have some tips about how to pick figs, I’ll be more confident next time when I look for fresh figs at the (super)market that I won’t be wasting my money.



  • Breakfast: weet-bix, soy milk
  • Lunch: coriander, rice, sweet potato; green grapes
  • Dinner: greasy Indian curry
  • Other: more grapes, one orange


  • 7.7km run at 5.17min/km
    • Reasonably easy pace today. Ran within my comfort zone with a few short and sharper increases in speed, whenever somebody tried to overtake me
    • Yes, super competitive, I just did not want anybody to over run me today