The Mediterranean diet seems to considered pretty healthy as measured by people who follow it reaching positive health outcomes in the long-term.

When you plot the Mediterranean diet on a food pyramid, it’s clear that is a diet based on grains, starches, fruits and vegetables.

Dairy and seafood are weekly food items, and meat is a monthly food item.

Mediterrean Diet.jpg

Despite the health benefits that people may gain from following a Mediterranean diet (lower chance of common Western ailments), weight gain/loss is still purely a result of CICO – calories in, calories out.

The composition of my diet recently is almost akin to a Mediterranean diet, but I am overeating and therefore not as lean as I could be.

I’ll continue to monitor my progress as I strive to improve my health and fitness.



  • Breakfast: six persimmons ($11)
  • Lunch: tofu, rice, coriander, sweet potato; egg and vege curry ($8 from Burmese curry place)
  • Dinner: pork roll ($6); vege noodles ($12), an expensive food day
  • Other: Golden Gaytime ice cream, two coffees.


  • None