Today’s run was 15 laps around the local park with Mum and Dad.

The local park has well-maintained grass, meaning that it is cut down to a neat trim length every few weeks, so the running surface is comfortable like a cushion, but not too soft either – perfect for training.

The weather was very comfortable, in the mid-20s.

During the run I felt pretty sluggish. Heavy, gluggy and slow. I think I need to hydrate more. I’m going to force myself to drink more each day, and then see what is the impact on my running and other things.

I concentrated on keeping a decent cadence and not running into the ‘red zone’. I started slow, got slower towards the middle of the run, then picked up my pace, using my parents as a yardstick – every time I lapped them, I would see if I had overtaken them further or closer to the position I had overtaken them the previous time.

In the end I completed the 15 laps, or 7.8km run, at 4.33min/km, which is a decent pace and I’m happy with the run. (That’s assuming my iPhone meter is accurate and not overestimating my speed!)

I can go much faster though – today’s run did not hurt at all. And I’m around 80kg now. After cutting 5-10kg I’ll be faster. I’ll also be doing some more interval training to improve my cardio strength.

I’m looking forward to improving my fitness, and I’ll be continuing to monitor my progress.

Hopefully another run – though slower – tomorrow morning. Time for rest.



  • Breakfast: banana
  • Lunch: noodles (soba noodles, onion, tomato, prawn, ham, oregano, thyme) with salmon
  • Dinner: pork (with lemongrass), chicken liver, prawns (with garlic, ketchup), beef cheek (with potato, onion, tomato, oregano, thyme, basil), noodles, cornfed chicken thigh (with olives, onion, tomato), ice cream, banana, black forest cake
  • Other: mixed nuts, red wine