Fresh chickpeas require soaking overnight, discarding the water, a quick rinse and then cooked however the recipe requires.

Canned chickpeas, on the other hand, are ready to eat from the can. They are much more convenient but also much more expensive.

I’ve been opting for canned chickpeas (and other beans) recently because they are more convenient, but today after eating some fresh chickpeas, I’ve resolved to be a bit more organised, save some money, and soak my beans from fresh.

The fresh chickpea is fragrant, firm, and much more tasty.

Today I made a batch of chickpeas with onion, tomato, and curry powder (no oil).

Marsala wine or water can help deglaze the pan after caramelising the onion.

Tastes very yummy and I’ll be eating this a lot more.



  • Breakfast: banana
  • Lunch: rice, bok choy, chickpea, tomato, onion, curry powder, Black Forest cake
  • Dinner: pumpkin and prawn soup (fish sauce, soy sauce, bit of oil), basmati rice, sultana, chickpea, tomato, onion, curry powder; orange, banana, toasted slivered almonds, dessicated coconut