I was feeling a big hungry today and had a double dinner of two vege curries in Melbourne CBD:

  • BrimCC, a self-proclaimed Japanese Organic Cafe on Lt Collins St; and
    • $19.50 for a curry mixed set. Standard Japanese curry (a rich tasty sauce with some potatoes, radish, carrot) with mixed rice (white rice and a few black and red rice), ‘vege sticks’ with miso paste / hummus, and a tofu salad.
  • Om Vegetarian, an Indian eatery on 1 28 Elizabeth Street.
    • $6.50 for three curries, some naan and mixed basmati rice (white rice, and some coloured rice)

Both restaurants had pretty ordinary interiors and ambience – it wouldn’t be a place to bring a special friend on a special occasion, it would be more a place to eat a quick meal and move on.

Both tasted okay, but not amazing. The Japanese curry was a standard curry, nothing special. I noticed many other customers eating their udon, so if I returned there, I would try that dish next time.

The Indian curry place provided freshly cooked naan, so it was piping hot and crisp, which was good. The curries were okay, but not too different from each other. It seemed two of them had lentils and the third had peas and potatoes, but I could have mixed it all into one without clashing flavours.

I’m yet to find a very super excellent delicious awesome (and good value) vegetarian restaurant. The best would probably be the 30+ year old Biocenter in Barcelona that I went to in Nov 2015, which was pretty yummy and had a comfortable ambience.

From time to time, when I eat out, I’ll note what vege options available and note them down here.



  • Breakfast: persimmon, custard apple, rockmelon
  • Lunch: weet-bix
  • Dinner: sandwich (on plane); vege curry (Indian); vege curry (Japanese) with a meatball
  • Other: orange juice, soy milk, long black


  • None