Today’s breakfast was a super sweet medley of ripe persimmon, fig and banana.

Properly ripe fruit is a real treat to eat -every fruit has an ideal time of sweetness and nutrition and today’s fruit hit the mark. The fig was soft, chewy and caramel-like, the banana sweet and soft, and the persimmon firm and sweet.

Ripe fruit seems rare to find where I am, but something I want to eat everyday.

I’m also curious about tropical fruits that are not available in Australia. Hopefully sometime this year I’ll be in Asia and get to taste some ripe mangosteen, durian, rambutan, jackfruit etc etc



  • Breakfast: fig, banana, persimmon
  • Lunch: Ethiopian – rice with cabbage, pumpkin and lentils
  • Dinner: Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef noodles)
  • Other: some oats and soy milk


  • None