I’ve been eating a lot of persimmon recently because they taste super good – sweet, juicy and yummy.

The fruit grows to about the size of an apple and ripens after picking.

Persimmons cost around $8-10 AUD/kg, so around $2 AUD each.

In Europe (when I visited in November 2015), they cost around 3 euros for one kilogram, so they were much cheaper than here.

Persimmon is 95% carb, 2% fat, 3% protein; and high in Vitamins A and C, manganese, and fibre.

I’ll be eating a lot more!!




  • Breakfast: muesli, water
  • Lunch: persimmon
  • Dinner: vege pho
  • Other: custard apple, weet-bix, soy milk, spicy broad beans


  • None