One of my daily reads is Seth Godin’s blog.

He has a serious reputation as a genius marketer.

He blogs daily and consistently distills complex concepts into concise, powerful language.

I like this recent post on ‘ten-year plan’:

A ten-year plan is absurd

Impossible, not particularly worth wasting time on.

On the other hand, a ten-year commitment is precisely what’s required if you want to be sure to make an impact.”

Source: Seth Godin

What are the things I want to commit the next ten years to? Food for thought…



  • Breakfast: bananas
  • Lunch: vege burrito, an apple
  • Dinner: tuna, beans, vege, rice, cheezels
  • Other: some weet-bix, a peach, two coffees


  • 5.0km run at 5.25min/km
    • A buffet for the wind… (it was very windy this morning)
    • Cadence 166 steps per minute
  • Half hour faffing around at the gym – some machines, a few squats and 10 mins on stationary bike.