Distance: 10.2km

Speed: 5:35/km

Elevation: 158m

Cadence: 169spm

Avg stride length: 1.06m

Felt a little tired from yesterday’s run but thought I kept a good rhythm and didn’t exert too much effort.

I’ll have a good rest tonight and see if I can run again tomorrow morning.



  • Breakfast: oats, pepitas, inca berries; oranges and mandarins
  • Lunch: steamboat (chicken, pork, beef, beef ball, pork ball, fish ball, fish tofu, crab wonton, needle mushroom, tofu, vegetables (tang hau), noodles, oysers, sashimi, mussels, wasabi)
  • Dinner: fish congee, pasta – chicken, broccoli, squash, onion, oregano, salt, pepper, lemon juice.
  • Other: red wine, mixed nuts