I enjoyed this video of Marco Pierre White’s address at Oxford Union. I’ve watched a lot of his tv shows and other cooking-related documentaries.

In his address, he tells his story of humble beginnings to the greatest restaurants in Britain and France. He talks about the importance of luck in building his fortunes, of self-belief but honesty in his own abilities and ambitions, and of working hard and having a dedicated team.

He also gives three points which he thinks defines a great chef:

  1. They accept that Mother Nature is the real artist and they are the chef.
  2. Everything they do becomes an extension of them as a person’
  3. They give you insight into the world they were born into, the world that inspired them, and they serve it on their plates.


  • Breakfast: one mandarin, one orange
  • Lunch: rice with oregano and garlic squash and onion; dumplings
  • Dinner: two mandarins, two oranges, dumplings, an egg
  • Other: cheezels, tea