Truffle season in Canberra runs from June-August each year.

I bought some truffle yesterday ($8 AUD) and made mashed potato – dutch cream potatoes, boiled and passed through a sieve, some almond milk, shaved truffle and garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil and blended cashews. Tastes great.

Truffles are unremarkable in nutritional value. They are high in potassium, contain good amounts of iron and magnesium, but their use in cooking (shaved or grated in small amounts) means that they will not form the bulk of a diet.

Truffles are used mostly for the scent or taste. Truffles lose taste quickly over time as they dry (70% water). In terms of storage, truffles should be stored in the fridge, preferably in a airtight container or bag and wrapped in paper.

I’ll be using a few more truffles this season, mostly for mashed potato. The truffle scent is not so alluring to me that I must seek it out and buy, but I’m curious about the flavour and the truffle is fairly available, so why not!


  • Breakfast: oats, dried cherries, almond milk; vege burger after run
  • Lunch: noodles, dumplings, spinach
  • Dinner: potato salad, greens
  • Other: wasabi peanuts


  • 8km ‘Tuggeranong Trot’ race
    • Speed 5.02 min / km
    • Average cadence 172 steps per minute
    • Elevation gain 95m
  • I was aiming for 5 mins / kilometre for the whole race, and unfortunately just fell short. Kilometre seven was the hardest because of the running surface – muddy single track trail or covered in sand, meaning little grip on the ground – and also a few sharp steep bits. The winner ran at around 3.20 mins / kilometre. I have lots of room to improve. I got too enthusiastic at the start with the quick runners around me and started too quickly. I need to learn to pace myself.


Source: Australian Mountain Running Association Facebook group