Some observations/learnings from following tonight’s election coverage of the federal election for the 45th Parliament of Australia:

  • Australia has had one one-term Government since Federation – Scullin Government from 1929.
  • This was a double dissolution election triggered by section 57 of the Constitution regarding the failure twice of a proposed law (on the ABCC) to pass the Senate. the last double dissolution election was in 1987. More explanation here on ABC
  • As at 11.20pm, the 70-75% of the east Australia election day votes had been counted, and there was still not a clear idea of the outcome of the election
    • Though, the two most likely options seem to be a narrow margin majority Coalition Government or a hung Parliament; and a Labor victory is unlikely.
    • A lot more diversity in the Senate is likely with vote swinging towards minor parties and independents.
  • Postal and pre-poll votes make up around 30% of the total vote (based on 2013 election), and these votes normally favour the incumbent party.
  • Some seats are considered ‘bellwether’ seats – eg Eden Monaro – where that seat has been won by the party that forms government in every election since 1972.
  • Labor typically focuses on health and education (‘save Medicare’ campaign and education – Gonski); and Liberal typically focuses on economic management (tax cut and innovation and science agenda).
  • In all states and territories of Australia there has been a swing against the Liberals with the most significant swing around 8% of voters switching to Labor in Tasmania, and 2-5% in other areas of Australia
  • Although the outcome of the election is not yet unknown, it is clear that voters are moving away from Liberal with Labor picking up seats and it is likely that there are political recriminations within the Liberal party following the election.

Coriander – rinsing thoroughly in water IMG_5864


  • Breakfast: mashed potato with vegetables and egg
  • Lunch: noodles with tofu, and mashed potato and egg
  • Dinner: fried rice cake, rice with cauliflower and chickpea curry
  • Other: wasabi peanuts, dumplings


  • 1 hour 50 minutes on stationary bike trainer
    • Mostly easy gear with low-ish cadence (80-90 rpm) and a few higher intensity in and out of saddle