I’ve been eating a lot of (Chinese) mung bean soup recently.

It’s a super simple recipe – soak the mung beans overnight, cook for an hour in water and add sugar.

Mung bean nutritional data (mung bean, mature seeds cooked, boiled, without salt):

  • 74% carbs, 3% fat, 23% protein
  • Good source of thamin, magnesium, manganese, dietary fibre, folate.

Winter morning in CanberraIMG_5982


  • Breakfast: oats, dried blueberries
  • Lunch: curry chickpea with cauliflower and rice
  • Dinner: noodles, cauliflower, mung bean soup
  • Other: coffee, mandarin


  • Gym – 10 minute stationary bike, bicep and tricep – bicep machine, tricep machine, dumbbell curl
  • Bike trainer – hard and easy for 45 minutes