Today I discovered a 500 metre long uphill stretch of road on Reservoir Road in Pymble (NSW, Australia).

It is perfect for threshold run* training, which means a fairly hard effort, but just under red zone.

The segment is in a back street so there isn’t much traffic. Over the 500m, the elevation gain is 12m, so an average of 1%, though the end bit is steeper than the beginning bit.

I’ll be training on this segment every now and again. Here it is on Strava.

*Threshold run:

  • ‘comfortably hard’
  • running at a pace where lactate does not accumulate significantly in the blood during the workout.
  • anaerobic threshold is generally about 80-90% of working heart rate, or 85-92% of maximum heart rate.

Dandan noodles



  • Breakfast: croissant, coffee, two oranges
  • Lunch: dumplings, noodles
  • Dinner: hotpot (beef, chicken, pork balls, seafood balls, zucchini, needle mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, wombok cabbage, tofu, lotus root, cake)
  • Other: matcha green tea latte with red bean


  • 5.0km run at 5.36min/km
    • Twice up Reservoir Road: 2.40 then 2.50
    • Average page: 5.36min/km
    • Average run cadence: 166 steps per minute
    • Average stride length: 1.08m
    • Elevation gain, loss: 84m, 95m
    • Fairly easy with the two Reservoir Road efforts.