At the gym:

  • 10 minute stationary bike, gear 11, cadence around 100 rpm with a bit of standing up pedalling every few minutes
  • bent over rows with 35kg weight
  • dumbbell rows with 14kg. Still getting used to the correct form and learning to use back muscle and not forearm
  • back rowing machine 26kg easy
  • squats 5 sets at 50kg, felt a bit sore

Running – I had planned to do a hard interval workout today. But the wind and rain and cold was unbearable. I should aim to run tomorrow.

View from gym



  • Breakfast: oats and dried blueberries, fresh blueberries
  • Lunch: Ethiopian curry, indian curry
  • Dinner: noodle with pork ball, tofu, vegetables
  • Other: lamington, vegetable hashbrown
  • A junk food day overall


  • as above