Today’s run was meant to be an easy run, 5-7 km.

Instead, because I was feeling good, I ended up running 4.1km at a fairly comfortable but medium-fast pace.

I kept a pretty high cadence and ended the run with a bit of a kick.

run data


  • Average pace: 5.08min/km
  • Average run cadence: 176 steps per minute
  • Average stride length: 1.1 metres
  • Elevation gain,loss: 23m, 32m

At uni (Australian National University) IMG_6175.JPG


  • Breakfast: blueberries, oats and mung bean soup
  • Lunch: biscuits and apple
  • Dinner: bento box with eel, sashimi, tempura, etc
  • Other: coffee, soy hot chocolate


  • At gym, 10 minute stationary bike then:
    • bicep and tricep: tricep extension machine 20kg; bicep curl machine 25kg, dumbbell curl 10kg; reverse curl 15kg; tricep dumbbell kickback 8kg
  • Four sets of 40kg squats, 8 reps each set followed immediately by walking lunges
  • As above, 4.1km run, 5.06min/km