is my go-to source for running tips.

I enjoyed this post – excerpts below – on caffeine and running:

  • “How might caffeine help high-intensity workouts?
    Caffeine is known to increase circulation of free fatty acids, which means that it’s glycogen sparing. And studies show that supplementation of caffeine (between 3-6mg/kg) is effective in reducing perceived exertion (meaning that six-minute mile feels like a seven-minute mile)…cyclists’ time to exhaustion was nearly 15 minutes longer while caffeinated with 330mg caffeine one hour before exercise.”
  • “How much do I need?
    Three to 6mg/kg body weight is recommended for endurance exercise (and more is not necessarily better—benefits do not rise with higher dosages). More pronounced effects might be perceived if you abstain from caffeine for several days before the exercise, but if you simply can’t live without your morning cup of joe, the research isn’t compelling enough to force you to forego it.”

I don’t enjoy the taste of coffee. ‘Good’ coffee does not taste great, and bad coffee (e.g. powdered coffee) tastes even worse. I feel lucky not to crave coffee – what an expensive habit! But it is a good as a social drink or a ‘pick me up’.

The caffeine sports gel I’ve been taking recently, the Cadel Evans WINNERS energy gel, has 80mg of caffeine.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be taking a caffeine gel before every Sunday long run, and also 15 minutes before I run the City2Surf 2016 (14 August).

View near One Tree Hill Lookout. The signpost with white arrow and green symbol is signage for the Canberra Centenary Trail. The red arrows were direction markers used in yesterday’s Sri Chimoy trail run (10km, 30km) races.



  • Breakfast: oats, blueberries
  • Lunch: three oranges, two apples
  • Dinner: big bowl of salad, mung bean soup, some wasabi peanuts
  • Other: two coffees


  • Shoulders at gym – shoulder press machine (25kg), seated military press (20kg), alternated front and lateral raises (8kg), bent-over lateral raise (8kg), barbell front raise (15kg)
  • 6.6km run at 5.27min/km
    • Easy pace, with a fast bit near the end
    • Average run cadence 169 steps per minute
    • Average stride length 1.09m
    • Elevation gain, loss: 42m, 42m