I created a Strava segment today, a ~300 metre route with 12m elevation, called Right turn onto Regatta Pl.

Because there’s a bit of an uphill gradient, the route is a challenge to run up at speed.


I ran up it three times today and my speeds were:

  • 1 minute 50, or 4.45min/km
  • 1 minute 50, or 4.45min/km
  • 1 minute 46, or 4.35min/km

I’ll be running this route once every week or fortnight as part of a slightly longer interval session and tracking my improvement over time.

Cloudy day – lunchtime run by a lake



  • Breakfast: oats, dried blueberries, fresh raspberries
  • Lunch: rice cakes, three oranges
  • Dinner: noodles with lettuce, miso paste, pork ball, seafood dumpling, sesame oil, chilli paste, soy sauce
  • Other: one coffee, one macaron


  • Chest exercises at gym; incline bench press 12kg dumbbells and then pushups, chest press machine 33kg; and also fast 40kg squats, 10 reps each set for four sets
  • 6.1km at 5.07min/km
    • Sore legs, felt better by the end
    • Average pace: 5.07min/km
    • Average run cadence: 170 steps per minute
    • Average stride length: 1.15m
    • Elevation gain, loss: 49m, 46m

run todayy.jpg