The goal of today’s workout was a hard run of similar length to the City2Surf. I ended up running 12km on a flat route, three times around Yerrabi Pond.

Because I chose a very flat route with minimal elevation gain, I was hoping for a fast pace of around 4.30-4.45min/km, but I could only manage a 4.53min/km.

The blustery wind conditions (30-40km/h) are partly to blame, though the main reason is lack of fitness.

I think I need more threshold interval runs. That is, intervals at a pace which feel ‘comfortably uncomfortable’, or a pace just below red zone.

23 run.jpg


  • 12.0km, 4.53min/km
  • Average run cadence: 176 steps per minute
  • Average stride length: 1.16m
  • Elevation gain, loss: 107m, 117m

I’ll keep training and getting better for my attempt at City2Surf of 68min (ambitious target, 4.50min/km) or 74 min (realistic target, 5.15min/km).

Soy Good soy ice cream (Vanilla Bliss) plus matcha powder, yummy



  • Breakfast: two weet-bix, noodles with seafood dumpling
  • Lunch: veggie burrito
  • Dinner: brown rice, soy bean, roast pumpkin, garlic, seaweed flakes, ginger dressing
  • Other: caffeine gel before run, soy ice cream.