If I had to describe my ideal trail running route, I’d prioritise four criteria:

  • ~10km long which means one lap at medium-hard effort, or two laps slow;
  • well-marked or signposted meaning little chance of getting lost;
  • elevated with unimpeded views over Canberra;
  • far enough away from major roads, so there is minimal traffic noise.

The Hall to One Tree Hill Lookout and Mt Taylor routes meet all criteria and I have been searching for others, mostly using the Strava segment search tool.


Today’s adventure was to the O’Connor Ridge Nature Reserve. I had hoped that being on a ridge – a chain of mountains or hills that form a continuous elevated crest for some distance – the nature reserve might be another hidden gem of a trail.


But it wasn’t the case. The views are pretty unremarkable and the noise of traffic is never far away. The quality of the trail is good, though, and I found a ~5km route that connects to Bruce Ridge Reserve, which I’ll explore next time.

Dry eucalyptus forest of O’Connor Ridge Reserve



  • Breakfast: three bananas, eight treasures congee
  • Lunch: coffee, macaron, biscuits
  • Dinner: muesli and dried blueberries and dried cherries


  • 4.8km walk
    • Foot still hurts. I can’t run fast without being in pain. Another easy walk tomorrow or maybe a stationary trainer bicycle session.