Many salad dressings are primarily a combination of oil and vinegar, plus other flavours.

Some dressing recipes, however, use sweetness in place of oil to lower the overall fat content.

I’ve used this no-oil ‘3 2 1 dressing*’ a few times and really enjoy it:

  • three parts basalmic vinegar
  • two parts mustard
  • one part maple syrup.

Alternatives to maple syrup in other (vinegar + sweetness) dressings include blended fruit, agave nectar and rice syrup.

*3 2 1 dressing is a generic label for a salad dressing that combines three, two and one parts of different ingredients. Another would be thee parts oil; two parts vinegar; one part sugar.

Oyster mushrooms, grown on log-like blocks, at the local Farmers Market



  • Breakfast: red bean paste with ice cream
  • Lunch: vege pie and noodles with seafood dumplings
  • Dinner: roast root vegetables (purple sweet potato, orange sweet potato, pumpkin) with broccoli and 3 2 1 dressing
  • Other: dried fruit chips – mango, banana, jackfruit, pineapple; coffee


  • 1.5 hours on stationary trainer
    • Just easy. A little boring. Youtube and Kindle helps