Not yet sure if I achieved my goal of a sub-70 minute time at City2Surf 2016: I have to wait the official time when it is released in the coming days. My watch showed a time of 70.05, only five seconds slower than my target; but the official time should be faster because I started my watch before I reached the timing mat.

I was unable to maintain a pace of 5-minutes per kilometre in the first six kilometres. There were just too many slow runners ahead of me. Next year, I’ll be starting in the faster groups of Green (sub-90) or Red (sub-70), which means I should have easier passage in the first few kilometres.


Data: average pace (4:58min/km) average run cadence (173 steps per minute), average stride length (1.17m), elevation gain (196m), elevation loss (219m).

I’ve been training for this event for the past 40 days, and here are my reflections.

Things that worked:

  • Pacing strategy of negative splits. The second half of my race was faster than the first. I ended stronger than I started.
  • Maintaining a high cadence. I achieved a cadence of 173 steps per minute, optimal cadence is 180-200 steps per minute.
  • Getting a good night’s rest the night before. I slept from 9.30pm-7am!

Things that didn’t:

  • Didn’t double-knot my shoelaces – my laces came undone during the race.
  • Didn’t warm up enough. I did a few strides around the startup area then started waiting with everybody else, far too early before the race started. I was almost cool by the time the race started.
  • Didn’t lose any weight during the last 40 days. Leaner = faster!

Things to do next time:

  • Better diet. Less junk, more simple whole plant-based foods.
  • More interval training to get faster.
  • More stretching. I can’t even touch my feet when legs are straightened. A few times over the past few weeks, my muscles felt very tight.
  • More hill training. Didn’t realise City2Surf was so hilly.

At the start line



  • Breakfast: muesli
  • Lunch: vege burger, fruit, noodles
  • Dinner: chicken kebab
  • Other: two caffeine gels during race