I read somewhere that Bill Gates reads about a book a week. It made me reflect on my own reading habits and go through the thought process of wondering what would it take to read more and what I might need to give up and if I want to give that up or not.

After all, every decision comes with an opportunity cost. Doing one thing means we cannot do something else.

So if I want to read more, I need to do something else less. And I need to convince myself that dropping that other thing is vital, so that I can read more.

A good place to start might be to identify my most unproductive activities – and I think that is probably my daily checking of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and WeChat.

But I’m reluctant to drop my social media usage; it gives me a lot of enjoyment, like watching funny animal videos and reading funny stories.

Perhaps I need to think longer term, because that’s where the benefit of reading might be more apparent: compare fifteen minutes extra per day of reading versus watching panda videos over ten years, that’s ~900 hours all up!

I’ll do some research to see how others justify their need to read, and also see if a long term perspective on how I use my time changes my reading habits over the coming weeks/months.

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