From Australian Sweet Potato Growers Inc:

  • Gold Category: Beauregard (Imported from the USA) is the current Australian industry standard gold-fleshed cultivar making up around 90% of Australian sweetpotato production. Beauregard has a rose/gold smooth skin, with a moderately deep orange flesh.
  • Red Category: Northern Star is the current industry standard, red skinned, white-fleshed cultivar, making up around 8% of Australian sweetpotato production. Northern Star has a red purple skin, with bright, white flesh including occasional purple areas.
  • Purple Category: WSPF (White Skin Purple Flesh) has a white skin, with white and purple flesh. It was released in Queensland in 2000. WSPF is the current Australian industry standard purple-fleshed cultivar, but makes up less than 2% of Australian sweetpotato production.
  • White Category: Kestle has a white skin, with white flesh. The original material came from Taiwan, with the resultant selection made 20-30 years ago. It is currently the principal white category cultivar grown for the commercial Australian sweetpotato market.

Sweet potato is very yummy!

Breakfast – sweet potato (red category), olives, bean mix, broccoli mix


Food: sweet potato, olive, mixed bean, mixed broccoli with sesame, noodles, coffee, macaron, vege bento box

Workout: None