As I work in an office environment, I have the luxury of a desk and a chair, and can sit down all day.

This week, however, I set myself the challenge of standing up whilst working (and elevating my desk so it was at standing height).

I ended up standing up four out of five days working days, and here is what I discovered:

  • Some improvement in posture. It is more difficult to slouch over when standing up than when sitting down. I think this is a definite benefit of standing up.
  • By standing up all day, I started pacing around, and that helped me somewhat when I was working on an issue that needed some deep thinking, so maybe there was a small productivity improvement for some of the time.
    • But apart from that, no significant change in productivity – either lower or higher.
  • Sorest part of my body were my feet (not my legs, as I’d guessed). Maybe I need more comfortable shoes.
    • Some colleagues observing my experiment suggested I could buy a mat for standing on, to soften the load on the feet. These cushion-mats are apparently used often in retail and hospitality environments. I haven’t had much experience in those environments myself, so it is foreign to me.
    • Another suggestion (this one light-hearted) was to buy a tray, fill it with sand and stand in it, shoes and sock off. Ha – that would be pretty comfortable.
  • Not much change in mood or avoidance of back pain and some online sources suggest.

Overall, desks with variable height allow office workers the freedom to choose between standing and sitting, and by doing so, address or prevent health issues related to extended periods of sitting down, and possibly improve productivity and morale.

Rainy Day

Food: weet-bix, orange, soy milk, seafood hotpot, fried chicken, mooncake

Workout: none