I’m going to cut back on the food journaling on Planturo, as it no longer serves a useful purpose.

Initially, I wanted to track my journey towards a primarily plant-based diet on the premise that a plant-based diet to eating is the healthiest way to eat.

I wanted to track how I felt, any challenges I encountered and any changes in my health.

Well, I’ve ‘arrived’ now – for the past 2-3 years, I’ve eaten primarily plant-based foods between 60-100% of my meals each week.

And overall, I feel pretty good and have lost some weight (almost 100kg to below 80kg).

I don’t have any intention of going back to a ‘low-carb’, meat heavy way of eating.

From time to time, I’ll post interesting things I learn about plant-based diets, because it remains a topic of interest to me.

But for now, the daily food journaling is done.

Other focus points of Planturo that will remain are the discipline of writing every day, posting about things that I learn, and tracking my journey towards better fitness.

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