Graeme Simsion is most well-known for writing the two-part Rosie series (The Rosie Project and the Rosie Effect) about the entertaining tale of a socially adroit professor looking for love.

I attended a ‘Meet the Author’ series with Graeme, and some highlights:

  • His latest book, ‘The Best of Adam Sharp’, was inspired by an email his wife received from a long-lost ex-boyfriend;
  • The first manuscript of the book was written in 16 days… a ‘vomit draft’, and he would not return to it until five years later
  • Most if not all ideas are not original, but pick two together and you might have something unique. Rosie Project is about: (1) a socially challenged man looking for love, and (2) via helping a woman to find her biological father.
  • Graeme writes a book – scene by scene. A story might have 100 scenes, and then he sets off writing each one.
  • Mentioned Specialisterne, a Danish-founded company that places people with autism.

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