After more than 400 posts on Planturo, I am becoming accustomed to the habit of jotting down some thoughts every day as a late evening activity.

While I don’t think the overall quality of my writing has changed too much, I think I certainly have improved in writing short lengths of words that convey a point, in a short amount of time (15-30 minutes normally).

Given the length of all my posts, I am forced to introduce a topic, give all the necessary background and context, and then lead to a conclusion within a few hundred words.

I think this is a useful skill – to ‘begin from the beginning’ – and write for an audience with no prior knowledge of a topic and then lead, logically and concisely, to a conclusion.

This sort of writing requires some clarity as to what are the relevant, persuasive and most important pieces of background to convey, and then some judgment on what is a sensible order to present points that lead to or support a conclusion.

Beyond posts here, some other contexts where this type of writing might be useful are in micro blogs, emails and brief work documents.

For now, daily posts will continue.

Decorations in a shopping centre, looking down a few floors