Now, we have Google at our fingertips to learn, explore and self-educate.

And digital technologies are ever evolving the way we meet, interact and collaborate with others around the world.

But back then:

“It is difficult for us to even to imagine how limited the worldview was for the average person two centuries ago.

Not because they were more stupid, or less interested, or had less human potential, but because they lacked the means.

They were not literate, and they did not have access to education, the telegraph, the radio or the internet.

The main source of news for a village girl 200 years ago would have been what she was told in church, or what her father heard in the pub, perhaps from a foreign visitor.

She would have expected to lead the same kind of life that her mother lived, in the same place, and nothing else would ever have seemed possible to her.”

Source: Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future