Total books read in 2016 was 28, with average book length 303 pages, and about a book read every fortnight.

Themes in 2016: cycling biographies, innovation economics and entrepreneurship, politics, and self-improvement.

Some highlights:

  • Joy, Inc – a meaningful, joyful and productive workplace is achievable via deliberate changes to the way people work. For example, pair people together – to foster a learning system, build relationships, eliminate towers of knowledge, and simplify onboarding of new people.
  • Grit – passion and perseverance (grit) and a growth mindset can lead to continuous improvement
  • The Myth of the Strong Leader – collaborative approaches generally lead to better outcomes than “The Sole Hero”
  • Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future – an understanding of where we’ve been leaves us more grateful for where we are today, and where we may end up tomorrow
  • Chief of Staff – from “helping hand” to “strategic partner” – how to support senior executives
  • The Lean Startup – Build-Measure-Learn, A/B Testing, validated learning, experiment with customer feedback and rapid iteration, design thinking and user-led creation

Reading in 2017 will continue at a quicker pace (aiming for 25% increase, so 35 books). At least weekly Planturo posts with more in-depth writing and reflecting on learnings. Will draw on reading suggestions from Bill Gates (for science and technology), The Grattan Institute (for general civic/policy knowledge), Neil Strauss (for fiction).